Sunday, August 20, 2023

Lead Faculty/Staff or PI

Dr. Sandipan Chowdhury


Chowdhury Lab

Project details

The Chowdhury Lab is interested in understanding how ions and small molecules are transported across the oily cellular membranes. Such processes are not only critical for cellular survival, they underlie the electrical activity of neurons, cardiac myocytes etc. The lab specializes in membrane protein biochemistry and biophysics and uses multi-disciplinary approaches to determine atomic resolution snapshots of protein complexes, mediating these transport processes, at different stages of their function. The long term objective is to stitch these snapshots together to create "movies" of the millisecond dynamics of the proteins to explain how genetic mutations in these proteins lead to pathologies and how small molecule modulators may be used to correct the aberrant dynamics of these proteins.

An undergraduate researcher, depending on their availability/interest/background, would participate in different aspects of the projects, including cell culture, protein expression and purification, data analysis using quantitative image reconstruction softwares, 3D structure analysis of proteins (uses coordinate geometry fundamentals), reaction scheme modeling and simulation, etc. There is ample opportunity for students with different backgrounds such as biology, biochemistry, chemical/biomedical engineering, etc. Curiosity and strong work ethic are essential. Courses/experience in biology/biochemistry/thermodynamics/MATLAB or python/perl coding could help but not essential.The PI is happy to work with the right student to come up with a suitable training plan. A minimum of 10hrs/week will be essential; maximum: depends on student


Basic knowledge of protein structure.

Time Commitment

Minimum 10 hours per week.

Volunteer (Optional registration for URES:3992, 0-credit transcript recognition)
Academic Credit (1-4 Semester Hours)

Start Date

Ongoing, potential to be a continuous position

How to apply

Please email Dr. Chowdhury at