Research-Focused First Year Seminars

seminar photo

In collaboration with the University College and interested faculty members/departments, OUR is happy to offer students Research-Focused First Year Seminars (FYS).  As an R1 research institution, the University of Iowa understands the enormous benefit that students gain from involvement in research and creative work.  OUR believes that all students graduating from the UI should know what research looks like in their field of study.  That is why we are asking faculty to consider incorporating a very basic level of research knowledge and instruction into their FYS proposals.  

Research-focused FYS's are intended to provide students with an opportunity to learn first hand about the nature and process of university research and creative scholarship at the University of Iowa. They also allow faculty to engage students in asking and answering research and creative questions. Many FYS's already have the structure of a research-focused FYS, where faculty share their excitement for and knowledge of research with students.  This can be achieved by modifying normal FYS proposals to include things like:

  • Defining research in the context of your own work.
  • Describing the research methodology you use in your research or creative practice 
  • Developing research question
  • Visiting a relevant research site, either on or off campus
  • Allowing students to design and present a research question and methodology for addressing the question. 
  • Teaching students about the mentor/mentee dynamic. 

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