Alcohol and Neurodegeneration Lab

Project Details

Our group is focused on understanding the molecular and circuit adaptations following alcohol abuse and chronic stress that predispose to psychiatric disorders, neurodegenerative disease and infectious disease. To do this, we utilize a variety of tools including anatomical tract-tracing, ex vivo electrophysiology, fiber photometry, light sheet microscopy, spatial transcriptomics, chemogenetics and behavioral analysis. We are looking for a highly motivated and committed undergraduate research assistant to work on a variety of ongoing projects in the lab and contribute to existing and future publications. You will initially assist an RA, graduate student, or postdoc in the lab with their project, then as skills develop you will have the opportunity to develop your own independent research project. This is an excellent opportunity for students interested in applying to Ph.D. or M.D. programs as most of our previous undergraduates have been included as co-authors on papers.

Preference will be given to students who can commit at least 10 hours per week for a full academic year. Summer research is encouraged and can be compensated. Large blocks of unscheduled time on consecutives days preferred.

Time Commitment
10-14 hours per week

Start Date
Near future

Project Duration 
Ongoing or potential to be a continuous position

Volunteer (Optional 0-credit hour course for transcript recognition)
Academic Credit 

How to Apply
Email your CV/resume and current class schedule to