We love research, and we hope you do too! That's why we are spending pre-Valentine's week showing you why we love research. From students to campus partners, live events to upcoming dates - learn more about it here and on our social media channels!

Student Features

Our students are at the top of the list for great things about research at the UI. Read more about them:

Amanda Caraballo

Amanda Caraballo

Bin He Laboratory, Biology
Zoe-Ella Anderson

Zoe-Ella Anderson

Shinozaki Laboratory, Psychiatry; Peterson Laboratory, Psychological and Brain Sciences
Gracie (Camryn) Brown

Gracie Brown

Kochanska Lab, Psychological and Brain Sciences

Live Events

OUR Ambassador Q&A Panel

6:00pm Wednesday, February 10  |  Zoom Link  |  Meeting ID: 973 3568 2279
Ask real undergraduate researchers your questions!

Lecture Series: Hend Al-Kaylani

2:00pm Thursday, February 10  |  Zoom Link  |  Meeting ID 992 7331 0535