Wahls Lab, Internal Medicine

Project Details
The Wahls Research lab is interested in the relationship between diet quality and clinical outcomes. Motor function is assessed using timed walk and hand function tests. Vision function, quality of life and blood biomarkers are also assessed. The study Efficacy of Diet on Quality of Life in Multiple Sclerosis is a five year study, completing in 2027. 

Position Details
Perform research activities based upon protocols and workflow practice guidelines developed by senior research staff or principal investigator of the research project; Recruit and/or interview subjects; Data entry and verification via REDCap (data entry platform); Scan, copy, fax, and file study materials, correspondence, and documents (paper and electronic); Laboratory kit set-up and transportation of specimens. Review of patient survey completion, Collect, record and consolidate data as directed by the Principal Investigator or Study Manager.

As individual skills develop: Perform participant assessments at study visits; troubleshoot, analyze and propose modifications to protocols; develop and implement procedures for monitoring data integrity; report present results at team meetings.

We hire research interns to support the lab.  High performing students will be encouraged to apply for research internships within the Wahls lab upon graduation. 

Ability to utilize existing resources and learning to achieve or exceed desired outcomes of current and future organizational goals/needs. Able to demonstrate ethical behavior in diverse situations while producing results. Adhere to Quality Assurance protocols to maintain validity and integrity of research data. Ability to meet or exceed customer service needs and expectations and provide excellent service in a direct or indirect manner. Ability to effectively transmit and interpret information through appropriate communication with internal and external customers.

Students with an interest in nutrition assessment are needed. Students with an interest in neurology, vision, or multiple sclerosis are also needed. Any previous research experience is helpful. Basic Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools including Word, Outlook, and Excel are required.

GPA 3.0 required

Time Commitment
At least 10 hours a week with blocks of time of 3-4+ hours, 2-3 days a week, Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 pm.

Start Date
Near future

Project Duration 
Ongoing or potential to be a continuous position

Volunteer (Optional 0-credit hour course for transcript recognition)
Academic Credit (1-4 semester hours)
Pay is available in addition to volunteer hours

How to Apply
Email Mary Ehlinger via ehlingerma@healthcare.uiowa.edu with a cover letter expressing your interests and qualifications, a resume and an unofficial transcript.