Will Fairman

OUR Ambassador

I work in the Pappajohn Biomedical Discovery Building within the Fraternal Order of the Eagles Diabetes Center under Dr. Jennifer Streeter. While my lab focuses on a wide range of cardiovascular diseases, my research is centered around using spatial transcriptomics technology to analyze the biomolecular pathways surrounding atherosclerosis and develop methods of regression.  

Research has offered me the opportunity to become a better student and problem-solver. The process of completing a successful project comes with a myriad of difficulties that have molded me into a better student and person as a whole. I deeply appreciate the research process and constantly encourage others to partake as it has greatly impacted my organization, study habits, and general knowledge about the world of science. 

Aside from researching, you might see me playing drums at Gabe’s on Tuesday nights, rolling Jiu-Jitsu at the Field House, volunteering at mobile clinics, practicing my EMT skills, or riding my bike around campus.