Samuel Eliasen

ICRU Ambassador

I currently work in the Psychiatry and Early Neurobiological Development Lab under Dr. Hanna Stevens, where I study the impact of prenatal pesticide exposure on fetal brain development and later psychiatric risk. I have also worked across the river in Psych and Brain Sciences with Dr. Jason Radley, and I have worked as a research fellow for the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

I’ve been involved in undergraduate research for my entire time on-campus, and I feel that it has been the most rewarding element of my college experience. It has been hugely beneficial to my academic and personal growth as a hands-on learning experience. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to build some great personal and professional relationships through lab work.

When I’m not in lab, you can find me working as a resident assistant in Mayflower hall and as a supplemental instructor in the academic advising center. Outside of work, I love to get outdoors in any way possible.