Regan Day

OUR Ambassador

I’m currently an Undergraduate Research Fellow for an International Politics Research Team. My team collects data on all attempted peace negotiations in civil wars from 1980-2010. We work to recognize the patterns of these attempts in order to better understand when violence is likely to occur and what factors influence the outcome of these negotiations. This research has real-world implications, giving us the ability to interpret and analyze international conflicts.

Being part of OUR has helped shape my passion for helping students get involved in research. I am a TA for the Discovering Research First-Year Seminar, where students have the opportunity to learn first-hand what it’s like to be a researcher on campus. I’m always excited to chat about the wide variety of opportunities the University of Iowa provides for undergraduate students!

Outside of research, I am actively involved on campus as a Social Media Marketing Intern for the Tippie College of Business, a member of Women in Business, and a member of the Tippie Business Honor Society.