Mia Dukle

OUR Ambassador

Hi, I’m Mia Dukle, an OUR Ambassador! I currently work in the Psychiatry and Early Neurobiological Development Lab (PENDL) where we study the effects of prenatal stress on the onset and development of neurodevelopmental disorders such as autism and ADHD. We hope to develop a better understanding of how prenatal stress affects development and hopefully find a genetic component of these neurodevelopmental disorders that will allow professionals to understand better and provide better therapies and interventions for kids.

I first got involved in research because I was interested in expanding my knowledge beyond the classroom. I have always been fascinated with discovering the unknown and getting involved in research was one way I could do that. I’m a very hands-on person and learner, so research was a great way to solidify the knowledge I learned in class and further pursue my interests. Furthermore, I have worked with kids with disabilities for over 10 years which is what got me interested in this specific lab opportunity. I love the idea that I can actively help a group of people I have spent a large part of my life working with. It is a transformative experience to be involved with the research and the kids it could affect in the future.

Apart from research, I love to hang out with my friends, go for runs, read, and enjoy the many coffee shops in Iowa City.