Melinda Licht, MTS

Program Coordinator
Melinda with her bearded dragon Tiberius

Melinda obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Religion Studies from the U of Iowa in 2007, a Master’s in Theological Studies in 2010, and a Bachelors in Science in Biology in 2013.  As an undergraduate, Melinda began her science research career under Michael Wright in the Physiology Department. She continued working in the Wright lab before eventually moving to the Ophthalmology Department. 

Melinda and her SO Rusty

Melinda joined ICRU as the Program Coordinator in Fall 2016.  She believes strongly that a research built on ethics, communication, collaboration, and intellectual practices are crucial for a positive future in society.  She is excited to combine her love of research with her broad experiences across both the sciences and humanities to help students use research to discover themselves, find their passions, and build critical leadership skills. 

Melinda and Buster

Outside of work, she most loves spending time with her SO and their daughter - outdoors if possible! She has always had a fascination for animals, and spends large amounts of her free time caring for her dog, collection of various reptiles, and aquariums with shrimp and fish communities. Stop by the office to see her first attempt at a planted aquarium!

Fish tank in the ICRU Office