Maeve Bittle

ICRU Ambassador
Maeve Bittle

My research deals with exploring the sources and effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) from a PCB contaminated waterway in East Chicago. We are trying to see if PCBs are volatilizing from the waterway to the air in local neighborhoods, as well as looking for new home sources.

Why research?  I like being involved in research as an undergrad because it has allowed me to explore areas of my major that I never would have in classwork. I also like having a lab mentor with whom I can discuss my career goals.

Why ICRU?  I got involved in ICRU after receiving a research fellowship in the summer of 2018. My favorite research memory has to be presenting at the Fall Undergraduate Research Festival.

About me:  I love coffee, dogs, salsa, and National Parks. I am also very involved in Lutheran Campus Ministries and exploring religion and its impact on society.

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