Jessica Miller

OUR Ambassador

My research is guided by Dr. Bin He in the Gene Regulatory Evolution Lab, University of Iowa Biology Department. I am specifically studying the effects of phosphate stress on polyphosphate storage and compartmentalization in the yeast species C. glabrata and S. cerevisiae. This allows a further understanding of the PHO pathway, defining effects of mitochondrial mediated transport through polyphosphate in yeasts. 

In my experience research has been an amazing opportunity to develop laboratory skills beyond what courses teach at the University. I enjoy the challenge and devotion research embodies, which has allowed me to become a better problem solver and critical thinker!  

Outside of research, I enjoy taking care of my house plants, watching motorsports and spending time outside! I have also been involved in the Hawkeye Drumline, Orientation Services, and Peer Mentoring for a first-year transition course.