Haley Lightfoot

ICRU Ambassador

I’m a senior chemistry major working as an undergraduate research assistant in the Forbes research group in the Department of Chemistry. My group conducts research on the synthesis and characterization of novel actinide containing structures. I specifically do research involving the alpha emitter Uranium-238 and its interaction with organic ligands to form novel crystal structures. This research has applications with the storage and separation of nuclear waste.


Being an ICRU ambassador has given me the opportunity to share my love for undergraduate research with current and prospective students. Undergraduate research has had such a positive impact on my experience at Iowa and has made me realize that I want to pursue a PhD in chemistry once I graduate. I am always excited to talk about or answer questions about undergraduate research at Iowa!


Outside of research I am involved on campus as a member of the Presidential Scholar Program, a member of the University Honors Program, and a member of the American Chemical Society. I enjoy hiking, swimming, and spending time with friends during my limited free time.


If you have any questions about undergraduate research or the University of Iowa in general please reach out!