Evita Woolsey

ICRU Ambassador

I’m currently an undergraduate research assistant for the Pediatric Audiology Lab and the Cochlear Implant Lab. For my honors thesis, my research will use an eye-tracking technique to study spoken and written word recognition in cochlear implant users.

My involvement in undergraduate research has challenged me to create connections and work alongside mentors and graduate students in my labs. My hope is to assist fellow students to find how their academic interests can correspond with research opportunities at the University of Iowa.

Other than research, I enjoy mentoring students on campus as a TRIO SSS tutor and an American Sign Language peer tutor. I am also the president of Device Advice, a student organization dedicated to educating older adults in the Iowa City community on today's technology.

As a Southern California native, the Pacific Ocean is my happy place. I’m always up for an adventure to travel somewhere new, from hiking a National State Park to discovering the hidden gems of well-known cities.