Amisha Mohanty

OUR Student Assistant

I was born in Massachusetts, but I grew up in Long Island, NY and India. Now my family lives in Johnston, Iowa. I'm a junior pursuing a B.S. in Economics and International Relations with a Leadership Studies Certificate. I'm currently working as a Research Fellow under Prof. Boehmke on a National Science Foundation funded State Policy Responses COVID-19 data verse project. We code over 200 variables based on data from Executive Orders and online state communications and study the rapid spread of policy responses. Ultimately, this research aims to inform theoretical policy understandings of how states manage a global health crises.

Previously, I worked in Prof. Lai's research team on Peace Processes and Conflict Resolution Coding, an opportunity I came across through my Honors First-Year Research Seminar. Presenting at FURF and SURF also gave me the opportunity to see cool research projects being done by our peers. 

I'm passionate about equitable resource allocation, cultural diplomacy, inclusive decision-making processes, and public speaking. Outside of research, I'm involved as J+E Leadership in the Undergraduate Student Government and Phi Eta Sigma. I love reading, lifting, watching cricket, and scrapbook journaling!