Abby Myroth

OUR Ambassador
OUR Office Assistant

I am an undergraduate research assistant in two neuroscience labs here at the University of Iowa. I have been working with Shaun Vecera in his Visual Perception lab since my freshman year, where we are exploring attentional control and the effects of distractions in the visual field. Eventually, our data will be used to implement safety measures in self-driving cars. Additionally, I am a part of Mark Blumberg's Sleep and Behavioral Development lab. We work to better understand the differences between the infant and adult brain and how behaviors like sleep impact learning and development. 

Because of the confidence that OUR has helped me find, I will graduate with four years of research experience. I hope to 'pay it forward' by helping other students get involved in research. I love helping my peers connect with mentors and discover their passions! I strongly believe that undergraduate research is valuable to any major, as it can help to find a supportive network that will guide you in the right direction. For example, because of the Blumberg lab group, I have found that developmental neuroscience is the discipline I am interested in pursuing for my PhD. 

I am also a strong advocate for students with disabilities and their involvement in research, as I have hypermobile-type Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. Please reach out to me if you have any questions- I can't wait to help! 

I have 3 minors, but my favorite is Ancient Civilizations (I am hoping to study abroad in Greece in the summer of 2024!). Outside of research and classes, you can find me in D.I.R.T. (Iowa's gardening club) and UIBIO meetings, drinking coffee, hanging out at the Theatre building, watching movies with friends, and staying up late reading (it's all that coffee).