Abby McLeod

OUR Ambassador

I am currently involved in three laboratories at the University of Iowa. I have been working for Mark Blumberg in his sleep and behavioral development laboratory. Our data collected aims to help better comprehend the functions of sleep and the lifelong impact. Additionally, I work alongside Joseph Glykys in his laboratory. This lab investigates the cellular and mechanical processes that occur during hypoxia and aims to develop different neuroprotective strategies. Lastly, I work as a Night Technician for Bengi Baran in the NAP Lab. I stay awake overnight during sleep sessions in order to collect data for the purpose of understanding physiological sleep disturbances that have a causal role in several psychiatric disorders.  

I love research because of the curiosity tied with it. The potential of what one question can turn into is limitless. Everything I do in my labs leaves me with a feeling of excitement and anticipation of what can be investigated next. My goal is to develop a skill set that will allow me to investigate the tiniest cellular functions in order to make big revisions in the medical fields.

Outside of research you can find me at a local plant store growing my own collection, designing tattoos, and painting. I also enjoy bringing my hammock or picnic blanket to various parks and journaling.