Friday, February 16, 2024

The Office of Undergraduate Research proudly presents 2024 EURA Winner Grayson Talaski

Grayson Talaski currently studies Biomedical Engineering as a junior at the University of Iowa. In addition, he is working toward a Chemistry Minor and specializes in Pre-Medicine. His mentor, Professor Don Anderson, specializes in Orthopedics and Rehabilitation while facilitating Talaski's research endeavors. 


Briefly describe your current project.

In my research, I study various orthopedic deformities using various engineering-based techniques with the hopes of improving clinical outcomes, optimizing treatment decisions, and diagnosing subtle injuries.


What do you enjoy most about research?

What I enjoy most about orthopedic research is the shared curiosity of specific topics within the field. Orthopedics is such a collaborative field, so getting to work with experts from around the world has been incredibly rewarding. I am consistently blown away when I go to conferences and end up talking with a faculty member whose ideas align so closely with the projects I am working on at Iowa.


Outside of research and academics...

Outside of research, I enjoy finding new places to eat and traveling. This semester I am traveling to Long Beach, San Francisco, and South Korea! 


He has major plans after graduation.

After graduation, I plan to pursue my MD + Ph.D. with the hopes of going into orthopedic surgery. 


Thank you for your contributions to our research community! 


EURA Winner Grayson