Monday, August 21, 2023

OUR offers one-time grants to UI undergraduate researchers who are traveling to a professional conference or professional development event.  

Students are able to request up to $500 per application, and will not be granted any more than $500 total across applications. OUR is unable to offer larger amounts or additional funds, and may only be able to offer a portion of the requested amount.  OUR Travel Awards are disbursed via U-Bill. 

To be eligible for a travel award, a student must:

  • Either present or co-present a poster/oral paper OR be named on a presentation being given by a mentor.
  • Engage in a professional development workshop or symposia that is relevant to their program of study.
  • Have received no travel award from OUR in the past OR have received less than $500 total in Travel Award funding.
    • No student is eligible to receive more than $500 total in Travel Award funding during their undergraduate tenure.
  • Complete the application form, including:
    • Event information with location and dates
    • A statement of why you, the student, will benefit from this travel (approx. 300 words)
    • An estimated travel budget (airfare/gas, lodging, registration, food, etc.) 
  • Be enrolled at the University of Iowa as a full-time student

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.  Please apply at least 4 weeks before your travel dates.  If your travel date is less than 4 weeks away from the time that you submit your application, please contact the OUR office to expedite our review.

For more information and online application