Ince Lab, Department of Internal Medicine
Sunday, August 20, 2023

Lead Faculty/Staff or PI

M. Nedim Ince, MD


Ince Lab, Department of Internal Medicine

Project details

We are open to applications from undergraduate students at the University of Iowa, who are interested in learning basic immunology and participate in our studies on immune regulation of graft-versus-host disease and the graft-versus-tumor effect in preclinical bone marrow transplant models. Bone marrow transplantation is mostly performed to treat a hematological malignancy, such as leukemia or myeloma. Transplantation procedure from donor to recipients also includes transfer of peripheral blood donor lymphocytes, which are critical to maintaining the anti-tumor response (the graft-versus-tumor effect) to prevent the regrowth of leukemia or myeloma. Same donor lymphocytes cause a lethal disease, called the graft-versus-host disease. Our laboratory investigates immune regulatory pathways that play a role in suppressing or preventing the graft-versus-host disease but still preserve the graft-versus-tumor effect. We look forward to working with motivated undergraduate students and prepare them to the next level in their career.


Knowledge in basic DNA techniques (such as PCR) and lymphocyte isolation are desirable but not required.

Time Commitment

15-20 hours per week

Academic Credit (1-4 Semester Hours)

Start Date

Ongoing, potential to be a continuous position.

How to apply

Please email M. Nedim Ince at and include your CV, a short personal statement (maximum 10 sentences) giving details about your past research experience, courses you took and why you are interested in this position.

Apply by:

September 15, 2023